Monday, 29 October 2012

Anonymous takes 89 child porn sites offline

Anonymous have taken offline 89 child pornography sites. The websites were housed at the Webs hosting service. "Now we have good news and bad news. We have successfully attacked and removed 89 Webs service child porn sites. The bad news is that after a few Google searches we have discovered another 197,000 child pornography sites on the Webs hosting service.

Anonymous is depressing to see such numbers. "But we will not give up. Our attacks will not stop until each child porn site on the web is removed and any pedophile who ever wronged is punished."

Anonymous asks Webs to assist in tracing the websites. "They know we are serious and if they refuse to remove the child pornography sites, we will force them offline. This is not a threat, it's a promise."

Greetz from the LulzShip

Greetings once again internet users, we are Anonymous.

Our last attack when we took down the 12 child porn sites gained great support
from people everywhere and we thank you for that, without you the world would
not know our cause and this entire operation would be not nearly as effective.

A post was made to twitter about a formspring user who was posting child porn
to his formspring account. The email for formsprings staff was posted to twitter
and some concerned users emailed it to complain about the user. The users account
was suspended and we recieved and email informing us that they were looking into
him, he will most likely get arrested. #Victory

Now we have good news and bad news; the good news being: we have succesfully
attacked and removed 89 child porn sites from the .webs service. The bad news
is that when we run some google queries it shows that there is about 197,000
websites on the .webs service hosting CP (this is 100% legitimate). It is
depressing to see a number like that involved with something like this. BUT WE
WILL NOT GIVE UP! Our attacks will not cease until every child porn site on the
internet is erased and every pedophile who has ever done harm is punished.

We invite .webs to aid us in the eradication of child porn websites from their
servers, they already know we mean business and if they refuse to remove the CP
sites we will take them down by force. This is not a threat, it is a promise.

All these pedos must be getting really butthurt by now. lulz. And they are about
to get a huge dose of extra strength butthurt.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

16 year old threatens ISPs with cyber attack Anonymous

A 16-year-old boy has confessed that he is the maker of a Anonymous video on YouTube last week. In the video the maker threatened ISPs and government websites in the Netherlands with a massive cyber attack by Anonymous.  The National Police Agency had already come to the conclusion that in that corner no activities were developed for a large-scale cyber attack.

The boy has contacted a special high tech team of the National Investigation Service after a call from the police in the media. The 16-year-old told the police that it was a one-man operation and that it had nothing to do with Anonymous. He has not thought about the consequences of his actions and has apologized, said the KLPD.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Anonymous - Operation Pirate Bay

Greetings SWEDEN!

We are Anonymous.

We have seen that you have been done a raid on the pirate bay and other torrents sites!

The raid on PRQ disabled many of our torrent sites. We see this as a crime against freedom to information
and there for we have disabled some of swedish governments or affiliate sites in protest against this raid.

Swedish Government, you know our capabilities and what we want! The choice is yours.

No Censorship.
Knowledge is free.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget
You should have expect us Sweden!

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