Monday, 30 July 2012

Anonymous target Lithuanian govt departments

Anonymous have taken down several Lithuanian departments in protest of an alleged paedophile ring believed to include, and have been covered up by some of the country’s elite. Anonymous have taken down the Lithuanian Innovation Centre website, as well as those of the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and the Information Office. 
Child protection in Lithuania has come under attack after an order to return an abused child to her biological mother was found to be in breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

On March 22 this year Kedainiai District Court ruled that 8 year old Deimantė Kedytė be taken taken away from her ‘protectress’, her aunt Neringa Venckienė and returned to her mother who is suspected for pimping her out to paedophiles (allegedly including court judges, wealthy businessmen and political representatives).  

On May 17 the court order was followed through when 240 Lithuanian police officers stormed the house where the girl was living, and took her away. The girl was taken away, reportedly using psychological and physical force. Protesters attended the incident, resulting in 39 arrests, with eye witnesses stating that police had used gas, electric shocks and violence against the unarmed demonstrators. 

There are currently 3,318 children missing in Lithuania. Following the case of Deimantė Kedytė, and the allegations that high ranking officials are involved in a paedophile ring, people have spoken out against what they believe to be ‘large scale corruption and brainwashing’, and cover-ups at the top echelons of society in Lithuania. A petition has been established calling for an investigation into both the court decision to return the girl to her mother, and the paedophile ring reportedly involving judges, politicians, and businessmen.

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