Thursday, 2 August 2012

Company to its knees after registering Anonymous slogan

A French T-shirt company has gone offline after the slogan and the logo was recorded of Anonymous. Early Flicker wanted the logo and the text for T-shirts, But Anonymous hacked the webshop and and the email addresses of the owner and posted all the e-mails online. Anonymous demanded that the registration was undone and the company would make excuses.On his personal web site owner M. Auffret says that he only can sell T-shirts that are free from legal claims. He is not for or against Anonymous and don't want begin to be a brand with the logo. The man is shocked by the attacks on its websites and email addresses. He says in a statement to collaborate with the French branch of Anonymous and will do what they want. Depending on this outcome, the sites come back online.

Statement Eflicker

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