Friday, 31 August 2012

Philips hacked, Loads of data leaked by Anonymous

Electronics company Philips was hacked again by Anonymous, with almost 200,000 data leaked on the Internet. The dump was posted under the #Antisec #LulzSecReborn hashtag on one of the hacking groups’ websites. 

This is the third time this year when the electronics giant is breached, and user data is stolen. The leaked files have been uploaded to various file hosting sites and contain a compressed file with raw sql database outputs. Some of the files only contain minor information such as subscriber names and ids but few files have administration and user accounts with encrypted passwords.

All together there is well over 200,000 emails with at least 1000 of them have further vital credentails that could allow others to use the users personal information.

At the time, Philips shut down one of its servers, and said it started to investigate the breach with the Police.

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